How to get to the "Dai-ichi Tadamigawa Bridge", a standard spot on the Tadami Line, one of the best scenic routes

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In the last article, I talked about the local line connecting Tokyo and Aizuwakamatsu.


This time, I rode the tadami line, a local line of the super-spectacular view of Japan, connecting The Uonuma of Niigata from the Aizu Wakamatsu.The beauty of the landscape is so much that it is taken up many times from each medium.

The Dai-ichi Tadamigawa Bridge is always ranked among the top three famous bridges in Japan, and according to the Nikkei Shimbun on October 11, 2008, nikkei PLUS1 has been ranked #1 in the nikkei plus1 ranking "Best Ten for beautiful railway lines of autumn leaves", and in the past, On November 29, 2003, it was ranked 3rd in the "Best Ten, a beautiful local line with snowy landscapes".Morerecently, it has been ranked #1 in the May 2016 issue of "Travel and Railways", and has been featured as "the most romantic railway in the world" in China's SNS Microexpo Weibo.From Wikipedia

It is tadami line which does not end in such a topic, but it is not able to go so easily well.

The reason for this is that it is a relatively long route with a total length of about 135 km, and that there are sections that are not allowed due to heavy rains, even though the number is small.There are only three buses per day, although there are bus services in the non-communicating section.It is not very good to communicate with the train, it is a serious route just to go.

I happened to have a chance to go to Aizuwakamatsu, but I stayed overnight along the Tadami Line and filled it out thinking, "I don't know when I'll be next if I miss this timing."

The first step is this speaking of the Tadami Line!Take iron in the super famous "Dai-ichi TadamigawaBridge" to say!Please enjoy!


Aizuwakamatsu Station – Aizu Miyashita Station

I finally came, the day to get on the Tadami line.I can't believe i'll be able to celebrate this day.The regular train for Aizukawaguchi, which rushes into the Tadami Line, was already waiting at home.

A diesel car of the color of "Kimwipe" is a favorite of the science university student who waits for departure at Aizuwakamatsu Station.

About 15 minutes before departure, the car was rattled, but as the departure time approached, the train became quite lively, especially for high school students.

When you leave Aizuwakamatsu, you first cross the Aga River.

After that, it roars in the countryside for a while and it runs.After all, this time when water is put up in the rice field is the best.It is attention to the change of scenery after this.

After an hour, the train gradually increases its altitude and runs alongside the Tadami River.Now it's the beginning of the secret!

The sun was setting and the people in the car were sparse.

Less than an hour and a half after leaving Aizuwakamatsu Station, we arrived at aizu miyashita station, today's destination!The atmosphere of this lonely country station is unbearable.

The station building is like a cute log house.

The street in front of the station is the center of Mishima-cho.There are many old and profound buildings.


One night at the guest house

A little less than 10 minutes walk down the street from Aizu-Miyashita Station, sokokashiko is the guest house where I stayed at the end of the village.It is a building with a warm atmosphere that seems to have renovated an old private house.

It is a place where meals are offered and bar is offered at night though it is a photograph taken in the morning of the next day.It is stylish because a feeling of old fashion and a modern feeling are mixed.

The owner told me to do something like "Do it properly", so you should spend it at will.There were few guests on this day, and i was able to monopolize the room with bunk beds on the side of the road.

The sound of the crossing can be heard about once an hour.It was a wonderful view that the track was able to be seen from the window.

By the way, the price is 3,800 yen per night.Make a reservation from this official website.

To the 1st Tadamigawa Bridge

The next day, I got up early in the morning.Now, here's the main topic of this article.Rubbing your sleepy eyes, we walk to the famous shooting area, which is about 3km away from the guest house.

Cross the bridge on the way and climb uphill for the national highway.

The arch bridge in the back is the National Highway 252, which has relatively heavy traffic, and the concrete bridge in front of it is the Tadami Line.Including the bridge i'm walking on now, it seems to be on the market as "Miyashita Arch Three Brothers And Bridge Brother".

A little over a 30-minute walk from the inn, we arrived at The Ouse Kaido Mishima-juku, a roadside station.The location of the shooting is a five-minute walk from here.In other words, if you have a car, you can shoot very much easier.I came by train and on foot!!

Politely, there was a view point of the Tadami Line and a guide board of the promenade.So, we aim for the observatory of the highest "D" that can be reached by the promenade.

If you go a little further past the road station, there is a staircase by the tunnel.

If you go up this beautifully maintained promenade…

There were, taking irons.Looked!Bridge!

When you climb a little higher, you will arrive at the observation deck under the "D" point and the tower above!Then this view!This is a very famous shooting site, and the iron bridge in front of it is the Dai-ichi Tadamigawa Bridge.It's already beautiful.

On the left side of this iron bridge is the direction of Aizu Miyashita Station, which was there a while ago.If the position is good, you can also see the "2nd Tadami gawa bridge" on the left.

About five people already have a perfect tripod, and it was difficult to take a position in a good place, but I also set the tripod with a losing…. I'm sure my uncle's head will come in.

I can't help it anymore.I'm sorry i arrived late.I arrived before six o'clock.Re-open and continue shooting.

I wonder if i waited about 15 minutes after arriving at the observatory.The time was 6:03, and the train finally came to the roar of diesel.I saw it on the iron bridge and cut the shutter!

This photo of my uncle's hat with all his might is in my hand.Look!Views!!(All-out Photoshop)

The feeling that the morning fog is on is also good.It would have been nice if we could have gone deeper.

Nevertheless, in order to capture this moment, i walked from the inn for 40 minutes, and waited quietly until the train came after i set the camera, and, more importantly, stayed overnight in such a remote place (compliment) for this moment.This is the fleeting ness of the taking iron, and it is beauty.That was the way it was.

The way back is downhill, so it's much smoother than going.I went back by a different route from the outbound route.

A steep staircase i met on the way.When you look at this, you can see that this village is gathered in a small valley.

After crossing that crossing, i returned to the inn and rested for a moment until I went on a journey again.

For your information, i'll share the route from the inn to the observatory.


That's it for this time.In the next article, I would like to write about the continuation of the trip on the Tadami Line, and the thing that i took on the "agency bus".Stay tuned!