I took a bus on behalf of the Tadami Line, one of the most spectacular routes.

Thank you, It's ting-in!

Last time, We introduced the scenic spot of "Daiichi Tadamigawa Bridge".

How to get to the "Dai-ichi Tadamigawa Bridge", a standard spot on the Tadami Line, one of the best scenic routes
I rode the Tadami Line, one of Japan's most spectacular local lines, connecting Uonuma in Niigata from Aizuwakamatsu.Speaking of Tadami Line, this is it!I introduce the famous photography spot of the super-famous "Tadamigawa Daiichi Bridge" which should be said.

This time, we continued to travel on the Tadami Line, which runs through the midst of a spectacular view of the fresh green.

The Tadami Line continues to be closed due to heavy rains between Aizukawaguchi and Tadami, and buses are operated instead.The existence of such a suspended section and the section where only three trains come a day ahead (!) It was difficult to step in by the Tadami Line, but i was able to finally fill it up!

I'm going to post a lot of pictures of green, including the repo of the agency bus!


Aizu Miyashita – Aizukawaguchi

First of all, we went to the nearest station, Aizu Miyashita Station, which we stayed at yesterday.

The train is the first train to Aizukawaguchi at 7:34.If you don't get on this train, your connecting time will be ridiculous.

The inside of the car was rattled.

Across the river surrounded by lush forests,

Past the red-roofed settlement,

When you see a beautiful iron bridge reflected on the surface of the river,

We arrived at Aizukawaguchi Station in less than 30 minutes!

The location is the best place to be in front of the home.

Cross the track to the station building.

It is good that the feeling which stands only one organization in the home is full of travel feelings.


Aizukawaguchi – Tadami (Bus Agency Section)

Well, from The Mouth of Aizu Kawaguchi is a section that has been closed due to the disaster.One side of the timetable was in a state where nothing was written.

It is a substitute bus that runs instead of the train to Tadami station.I stopped in front of the station.

It operates by such a microbus.You can get on the ticket to take the train as usual.First of all, the driver asked me where I was going.There is one person who goes to the end point besides me, and the next station (stop?There is only one person like the local person who gets off in, and a total of three people are on board.

From the agency bus that runs mainly along the national highway along the railroad tracks, you can see the line that does not run the train flickering.I just caught the place where the track is cut off.

The bus stop is like this.There is a stop at the station.

It is still a real mi line even by the agency bus.You can enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside from the bus window.

We arrived at Tadami Station in 50 minutes from Aizukawaguchi Station!We had about 30 minutes to get to the next train, so we decided to take a walk around the station.

Tadami – Koide

One of the things that symbolizes the countryside is that the train timetable is skaska, but it's a shocking timetable that you can say that you're competing for one or two.There are only three trains going up and down, of course, zero.This is lonely, isn't it?

A small shrine at the end of the crossing road.It seems to be in some kind of animation.

When I looked at niigata from the top of the crossing, i saw a mountain range still covered with snow.In other words, if you don't go beyond that mountain range, you won't be able to go to Niigata.I think that's also connected to the small number of numbers.

On the other hand, when I looked inside Fukushima Prefecture, i felt somehow calm.

This is the current Tadami Station.Is this where the home used to be?It is now a simple home like a prefab in the back.

After a while, a train came towards Niigata. 

Is it time to go home?

From the home, I looked at the railway line towards Aizu Kawaguchi which is closed.Perhaps because the train has not run for a long time, it has been covered with weeds.

The inside of the car is as rattled as ever.Now we're going to Koide Station in Niigata.

On the Tadami Line, Tadami Station is the last station in Fukushima Prefecture.The last photo i took in Fukushima prefecture was the end of the Takokura Dam, which was made by coughing up the Tadami River.

When you leave Tadami Station, the next station is already Niigata Prefecture.It takes a whopping 30 minutes to get to the next Oishirakawa Station.It is going to go through the mountain range seen a little while ago by a long long tunnel.

After leaving the tunnel, the altitude is lowered rapidly and the landscape is changed to the scenery which seems to be the granary zone of Uonuma.

That's why we left Tadami Station and arrived at Koide Station in 1 hour and 13 minutes.

The station building has a beautiful glass wall.I'm going to transfer to joetsu line and return to Tokyo.


We left Aizuwakamatsu in the evening and stayed overnight on the way to complete the Tadami Line in the morning of the next day.I thought it would be nice to be able to ride someday on the route, and i can take a picture iron with "Tadami Daiichi Bridge" without saying anything.It is also very satisfying that there was a great view of fresh green throughall the lines.

However, when I took the bus on behalf of the company this time, I thought, "Is it really necessary to recover by rail?"Of course, as a railway fan, I'm glad to see you resurrected by rail.However, from a variety of perspectives, I wonder if railways are really the best in such depopulated areas.

The Tadami Line has already decided to restore the railway, but I think that a lot of taxes are used because of the vertical separation method.There are very few passengers, and there is a splendid road nearby, so the trouble of the agency bus might not be too big either.

However, it is also considered that the possibility that the road is closed to traffic in winter because it is a heavy snowfall zone, and the possibility that the line is excited running sl and luxury cruise train [Shikijima] at the time of recovering by the iron road, Considering that, i wonder if the railway is not bad.

I think there will be more and more examples like this in the future, so it seems necessary to deepen our considerations from various perspectives.

Thank you very much for your long time.I want to write the Joetsu line of the continuation of the trip again someday!Please look forward to!