Ride “Sunrise Izumo” from Tokyo, the only sleeper express in Japan [single twin, private room B]

Hello, I'm Terrine! It has become the last sleeper express that operates regularly.Not only railway fans and travel e...

Chiba-Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Journey [Kominato Railway/ Isumi Railway]

Thank you very much, I've finished the assignment, i'm sleepy.I was so busy that I couldn't get into the blo...

Chiba and Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Travel [JR Outer Chamber Line/ Uchibo Line]

Thank you very much, I have a cold for the first time in a long time while writing this article.I can't stop running...

I tried to ride the sleeper express of longing [Sunrise Seto] [Novinovi seat]

Sunrise Seto Izumo has become the only sleeper express that is regularly operated.I will report the overnight in the Sunrise Seto