Chiba-Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Journey [Kominato Railway/ Isumi Railway]

Thank you very much, I've finished the assignment, i'm sleepy.I was so busy that I couldn't get into the blog easily, so I was so happy.

Well, i have been doing one lap by the outer and inner bunch lines along the sea of Boso Peninsula using the "Thank-❤ Chiba Free Pass" that chiba prefecture becomes free to ride for 3,900 yen last time.

This is the second day.Two local lines crossing the Boso Peninsula, kominato railway and Isumi railway inlandSo let's go!


It is called kominato railway and Isuzu railway, but there is a local line which was actually scheduled to go.It is "JR Kururi-sato-line".Isn't the place name cute?I'm also conscious of this that I put "kururu" in the title.

Be a terminal route
Extremely few trains to the end point

These are not places that are quite easy to go to, but i made a careful plan.

In order to go to Kururi, I had to get up at five in the morning and catch a train from Tsudanuma Station, but it was seven o'clock.It's usually faster.Therefore, the Kurisato line crushing is fleeting.


I was stunned at my friend's house for about 30 minutes, but i had quite some time before I got on kominato railway.So, what is the alternative to the Kururi line, decided to overtake the Keisei Chihara Line.We took it from Keisei Tsudanuma Station to Chiba Station the day before, so we went ahead on this day.

Arrive at the terminal Chistandai Station!img_1407-1img_1406-1

The feeling that it is in the middle of the housing lot development begins to blot.img_1408-1 img_1409-1


If you make a stop like this, go to kominato railway, one of the main on this day.First of all, we will return to Chiba Station.The home of Yeon-chiba Station under construction.It seems to be finished soon.img_1413-1

Take the Uchibo Line to Goi Station.Transfer from JR to Kominato Railway.img_1419-1

There is a large amount of cream and red JNR train in the garage!img_1416-1

The guy who wants to make it black and white.img_1417-1

It is a very old train to get on.The inside of the car smelled a little old and strange(laughs)img_1420-1img_1423-1


Slowly through the countryside where there is nothing more than you can imagine.img_1427-1

The group of the tour boarded at the station on the way, and the train of both cars was almost full.I sat next to my aunt.Is this my fault when I'm sitting in college?Forgive me because my luggage is heavy(crying)

The old one by one is very good.img_1429-1



Yoro Valley

Well, the first destination is Yoro Gorge Station.We arrived in about an hour from Goi Station in front of the terminal Sonakano Station.

As the name suggests, there is the Yoro Valley, one of chiba prefecture's most famous tourist destinations, but it is a little far from the station, so I go by bus.Show the power of the free pass here!You can also take a bus!Get on the bus of the same color scheme as the train and go to Yoro Valley.img_1433-1

The old stop button which I often saw on the city bus in Nagoya when I was small.The guy who makes it to the antique style to put out nostalgia.img_1436-1

We're going down a lot of mountain roads.I realized it after i got my license, but i wonder if the bus driver is too bad.I think it's really amazing to have such a big and heavy car in manual.


When I thought about it, I arrived at the "Awamata Notaki" bus stop.From here, Yoro Valley is just a stone's throw away from the eyes!

The most famous waterfall in the Yoro Valley is the waterfall of Awamata falls as the bus stop name.My aunt was reading "I'm going to go" in the bus, but it's a "awaragain"!I wanted to thrust.It is certainly similar to the chestnut and the awa.It is also called Yoro Falls because it is a waterfall of the Yoro River.This is the entrance.img_1437-1

Speaking of yoro falls, it is that of the immortal legend.However, this legend is not told here, but the Yoro Falls in Gifu Prefecture.I was from the Tokai region and i was in Gifu when I was called Yoro Falls, but I didn't know that Chiba also had a place name called Yoro.I mean, it seems to be in various places.

Enter the entrance and go down the simple promenade.img_1451-1

If you go upstream, it seems to be on the top of the waterfall.img_1440-1

I could see the rock surface.img_1450-1

Walk downstream and finally arrive at the best spot to see the waterfall!img_1454-1

The waterfall here is a waterfall that slides down the rock surface.I don't see such a waterfall as much.img_1463-1

We walk on the concrete promenade.img_1452-1img_1465-1

There were also some small streams flowing from the sides.img_1469-1

The bottom of the river is cut down to a good feeling, and the jagged feeling of the feeling (boca poor) and it is hard to transmit


The return bus will come in about 50 minutes, so I wanted to go a little further, but the number of trains is small, so I'll go back to the station.

When I arrived at the bus stop in front of the station and tried to get off the bus, I noticed something serious.


…… There is no free pass!!!


I thought it was in my pocket or wallet or bag anyway, so I looked for it, but it's nowhere to be found.(cry)

The bus driver was so kind that he let me off, but what should I do after this?It took about an hour until the train time, so I searched it, but it wasn't.I was half sharp, to myself.I probably put a pass naked in the pocket of the jersey i couldn't wear, so I didn't notice it falling somewhere in the canyon.No, it's frustrating.

It's against my theory to turn back here, so I'll carry out the plan as planned.Of course, the transportation expense is self-indulgence.Well, the fare doesn't change that much when I turn back.


We boarded Kominato Railway Again at Yoro Valley Station and went to Kamiso Nakano Station next door.img_1484-1img_1487-1

In about five minutes, we arrived at The End Of Kamiso Nakano Station.It is also atransfer station with the Isumi railway, and i thought that it was a relatively large station, and it was unexpectedly small.img_1488-1

The transfer also walks on the track and also crosses.img_1490-1

Kominato Railway on the right and Isumi Railway on the left.

The Sumi railway that i want to change is originally the Isumi line of JNR.Although management was shifted to the third sector and it was temporarily in danger of being scrapped, it is now a route that many tourists visit during the rape season.

Kominato Railway and Isumi Railway station is all old and is already the best!The guy who makes it sepia tone.img_1497-1

The Moomin Train seems to be quite popular.img_1501-1




The next stop on the Isuzurailway train is Otaki Station.The train which is stopped at the opposite platform has a good taste again.

This is the station that serves as the base of the Isuzu railway, and Otaki is an old castle town.First of all, we go to Otaki Castle, which is built on a small hill!

They go through the gate of the roadimg_1510-1

They cross a railroad crossing

It exceeds the Isumi River which continues from yoro valley.img_1513-1

And in no time. Ota Kijo!!img_1516-1

The inside was open to the public as a museum, and photography was prohibited, but i was able to take a picture of the scenery outside.

If you go down the stairs on the other side with the person who climbedimg_1518-1

I ended up at Otaki High School.There was an old well called "Bottomless Well" on the site.

The high school was obviously out of place, so I went out quickly.img_1520-1

On the way.A landmark like a tower in the distance!I'll introduce you later!img_1522-1


Next, I visited Otaki Elementary School, a slightly unusual design.You can also see The Great Taki Castle in the back.I can't believe you're making a castle town look like this!img_1545-1 img_1549-1


Next to it is the Otaki Town Hall, which in a sense can be said to be the destination of this time.Why the town hall?As you may have thought, this town hall is a very highly regarded building in the architectural world, and it has won the "Architectural Institute of Japan Award".I myself drew drawings in my university classes, so I have a waste of thought!img_1553-1

It seems to be good to adopt such a curve.img_1533-1 img_1534-1

The hallway is surprisingly clean.img_1536-1

It was hard to draw these stairs.img_1537-1

The veranda also said, "Oh, i drew something like this.I'm immersed in sentimentality.img_1540-1


It was built in the early post-war period and was considered to be demolished once, but it was preserved by the wishes of the residents who wanted to leave it for future generations.The preservation process was also highly acclaimed, and japan was awarded the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award, the second-largest after the RedBrick Warehouse in Yokohama.

The tower was from this town hall!This new building isn't drawing any drawings, is it?img_1542-1

The Government Office won UNESCO's Asia-Pacific Heritage Award.


If you walk away from the town hall a little, you will find that there is also a town that seems to be such a castle town.img_1556-1 img_1557-1 img_1561-1


The time is half past five.I came back to Otaki Station.img_1565-1img_1569-1

High school students on their way home from club activities gather at the station.It was interesting because the front of the vehicle was divided into the style of the girl and the back was a boy.img_1571-1 img_1572-1


By the time we got to Ohara Station at the end, the area was already dark.img_1573-1

I'm going back by JR Gaibo Line.I thought I'd take the express ride somehow, but i'll get on well if a normal train stops in front of me.

Transfer at Soga Station on the way to Tokyo Station on the Keiyo Line, which passes through the famous Makuhari Messe and Maihama.img_1577-1

The end of the trip is ramen of the favorite shop.Thank you very much, myself!


I originally went on a trip in search of healing or fulfillment, but sometimes I feel bad or want to go home when I'm traveling.Still, when I reached the desired place, I felt better, and i was glad to have come.And a few days later, a few months later, it's already a good time.

Everything is rather early to give up, but if you go there and travel, you can't run away anymore, can't you?For now, i'm going to continue to travel, so I'm still going to go on a lot of waste.Please still keep in touch with this blog!



– Today's Lessons –
Tickets are surely placed in your wallet or regular closet.
Do not wear jerseys that you can't wear.

Today's travel distance: 229.9 km