Chiba and Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Travel [JR Outer Chamber Line/ Uchibo Line]

Thank you very much, I have a cold for the first time in a long time while writing this article.I can't stop running my nose.

Well, i introduced the "Thank-You ❤ Chiba Free Pass" that chiba prefecture is free to ride for 3,900 yen last time, but this time I have been making full use of the free pass and two laps around the Boso Peninsula that has been sticking out to the south of Chiba Prefecture for two days

First of all, the first day is Monday of the last week of September.On this day, we used the outer and inner bunch lines that run around the outer periphery of the Boso Peninsula.So let's go!

From Tsudanuma Station, which is almost the nearest to my friend's house, you will take the first train to Kamiso Sannomiya on the Sobu Line directly on the Gaibo Line.

This time, I sit in this hard box seat.Just sit down and do it all right!

As I said in the last article, this day is a war in the dawn of all night.I sat down with the sweet idea of "I should sleep on the train", but i could hardly sleep and 50 minutes passed and arrived at the end point.

On top of that, you can change trains at Soichinomiya Station.There was a lot of fog around here.



Get off at Katsuura Station for an hour and a half to be swayed by a train from Tsudanuma Station.It's Monday morning, so it's kind of weird to pass a high school student to school.

Katsuura is famous for its morning market, and it has been counted in Japan's three major morning cities for more than 400 years.That's why I'll go to the people the morning market is doing.

They go through a pedestrian tunnel

After walking for a while, you'll end up on a street lined with stalls.Is this the morning market?

Apparently so.There are few tourists, and the impression that there is less bustle than I thought.It's like a local people are coming to buy it.

Actually, I'm honestly not good at this kind of place…I hope there are more tourists!I walked away quickly.



Next, we get off at Ubara Station next to Katsuura Station.

A very quiet station surrounded by mountains.

Walk to the sea!

There were some surfers floating on the sandy beach.

There's a bird house.What are they dedicated to?

If you walk a little more, you will see a building built like a stick ing in the sea.

This is a place called Katsuura Underwater Park, and that building is an underwater observatory.It seems to be able to go inside and look into the sea!But the time is still eight o'clock.The observatory starts at nine o'clock.Because I was sleepy, I was blown by the sea breeze, and i was dazed until the opening of the museum in front of the building called "Museum of the Sea".

However, after about 30 minutes, the limit is about to be limited to the body of the dawn of all night (laughs) observatory is so good, i decided to hurry to the train in front of the plan .The road to the station is followed by a tunnel.

It's a really small station.


I will continue to go by the outer chamber line.

Then, we arrived at Abo Kamogawa Station, which changes from the Outer Line to the Uchibo Line.

Transfer to the inner cell line!

I was running along the sea.


The next stop is Tateyama Station, located in the southernmost part of Chiba Prefecture.

Here, we rent a rental bicycle and go around.Procedures at the tourist office at the west exit.Thanks to the free pass, 2 discounts on rental cycles!

I imitated the gachi rider and took a picture of the scenery together.It's mommy.

I thought when I rented chari in Kyoto, but i'm just electric assist! From Tateyama Station, you can easily run for about 15 minutes in Chari, and you will find a flat building.

Here is a shop called "Fisherman's Cooking Tateyama".You can eat seafood bowl!There are almost no customers in this large room( laughs)

I ordered it here.

It looks really good, doesn't it?Of course, it was really delicious, but i didn't know the taste because my nose was jammed and I wasn't in perfect shape.But I ate this and got a little refreshed.

This time, we will change course to the west andaim for Tateyama Castle.It is built on the mountain, and it climbs the sidewalk which has been maintained.

In no time. Arrive at the top!This is Tateyama Castle!However, it is closed on Mondays. (laughs)

Well, i don't care because the view is very good.

I don't like Tombi very much.It was floating very close.

We go down the mountain while looking at tateyama city.

There was a peacock in the middle, too.


Now, we will go further west and aim for the sea.Feel the harbor!

Beyond this, there was an air base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, and helicopters were flying incessantly in the sky.

If you go straight, you will go straight to the road facing the sea.

If you go further to the end of the hit, you will arrive at "Okinoshima", like The Island of Eno.

Girls playing with dogs.

After a short look at the sea for a while, i'll turn back the way I came.The other side of the fence on the right is the base of the Self-Defense Forces.There are many anglers on the left.I'm a little nervous why I run here in chari( laughs)

On the back of the mountain is Tateyama Castle.There is a port town feeling and it is very good!

We went north along the coast and returned to Tateyama Station.

It's like a tropical country in front of the station, and i've come to the south.

Saw mountain

It gets on the inner cell line again, and it goes north ward.I got off at Hamakanaya Station after being shaken by a train for less than 30 minutes.This is also a small station.

The aim from here issaw mountain.As the name suggests, it doesn't shape like a saw.The altitude is 329.4m.You've just climbed over 1,000 m, so you can afford it!Based on the shallow idea that, I have been doing a light climb!


… You're going to use the ropeway all of a sudden!You may have thought, but I just made a mistake.The entrance of the trail was near the station, so it was a waste of time.

I'm son of a second.

This is the road leading to the trail.The sky is already autumn!

The mountain trail branches from here!Go to the left.

It's getting really good.It's a road muddy stream rather than a dead-down stream.It was good to come with the climbing shoes in the feeling.

Such a cobblestone road continues from the middle.It is a little wet in water, it is slippery, and it is hard to walk oppositely… (laughs)

This is called "Shachimichi", which is called a road where women made many round trips a day to carry out the stones cutout on the mountain.

Oh, you're still climbing…?It was quite serious because the foot seemed to become tight here for a moment.But i can't turn back, so I have to climb it with energy.

I arrived at such a place in front of the "observatory where the earth looks round" (i.e., i didn't go there).It was climbing quite high!It was probably about 40 minutes, but for some reason I felt very long.

You can see the mountains and the sea quite far.

When you turn back a little and enter a different road, such a cliff cliff!As I said a little while ago, this mountain used to cut out stones.In the remnant, there are a lot of places where it was cut out.

And, it comes to see the person here and there whether it joins the person who comes by the ropeway.The anxiety settled a little.

Such a mysterious place exists!

This is the site of a quarry.The scale is already different from the building in the town!I think that i was able to produce such a thing well by the hand of the person.

Is this cliff impossible?The part that protrudes toward the upper right is "Hell peeping" which is the most famous in Sawayama.The body is quite full, but it is not possible to return until it reaches there.

This is horrible… (laughs)

There was a spot where the sea was seen, too.This is probably the Rurimitsu Observatory.

Take a break while looking at this view.My legs…

If you go one step at a time, you will end up at a Japanese temple.I knew i needed 600 yen to visit, but i can't avoid it here??I only have 1,000 yen in my possession.You won't be able to ride the ropeway that was the last ???Crying

When i hear your uncle's explanation, I have no choice but to pay for your visit.Oh, i have no choice but to go down the mountain on my own.

This is Hyakushaku Kannon of Nihonji Temple.It's just a lot of stuff.

Come on, step one more step!Climb the stairs and arrive at the open place!A little more to hell!

When you get here, you'll have a hell of a look.Yes!This is over there that I was looking at earlier.Maybe it's more scary to watch from the side .

If you look down,
The valley is so deep!Looks like a little Grand Canyon?(Lol)

The scenery seen from there was also a great view.The topography made by nature is beautiful, but it is unimaginable that this is artificial.


Now, i've stepped through the main of this time, i'll go down the mountain when I take a break to some extent.There seems to be another famous Buddha called "The Great Buddha of Japan", but there is no energy to go there anymore.If there was a ropeway fee, it would have been different!Crying

We will go down the "Kanto Fureai Road", which is different from the destination.I wonder if it is easy to walk and maintain than "car power road".

I could see Hamakanaya Station.The sun that is leaning creates a vivid color.

It's easier to run down than to get off slowly, so i'll take a nap. and rhythm well like when going down the stairs of the station.

There was some ups and downs, but I think i was able to wear it down in about 30 minutes.

This time thing is
14:10 Start climbing
15:00 Near top
15:30 Hell Peep
16:30 Shimoyama

I climbed it by myself, so i was a little impatient because it was scary and dangerous when the sun went down, but as a result, I had more leeway.

The train reflected in the river is very beautiful.

Oh, it's an oasis.


Wait for the train to Chiba at Hamakanaya Station.

I was able to ride a special rapid ride to Tokyo!It is a train that was set in place of the limited express which disappeared this year, and it is a good-discount train which can be ridden by a free pass.It's pretty fast because I'm flying around the station.

I go to sleep looking at the sky and the sea which gradually darkens.We got off at Tsudanuma Station, where my friend's house is, and we decided to have dinner together.Raquel's Omelet Rice!


I was tired, so I couldn't go to bed early, so we SSB together until the date was over.I bought a Wii for the first time in college, but i think i've made a lot of progress!

Now, there's still a day's worth of free passes, so I'll be hanging around Chiba tomorrow.Next is chiba's local line!Kominato Railway and Isumi Railway!Please look forward to it.

Chiba-Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Journey [Kominato Railway/ Isumi Railway]
Thank you very much, I've finished the assignment, i'm sleepy.I was so busy that I couldn't get into the blo...


– Today's Lessons –
Do not go on a trip all night!(Of course)
Have a lot of money!There are no ATMs in the mountains.

Today's travel distance: 241.5 km