Kiyoryu and Kura no Machi Hida Furukawa "What is your name?"Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

What did you do during the new year?

At the end of the year, I had a daily drinking party with my local friends, stayed at my grandfather's house from New Year's Eve to new year's day, watched red and white, ate buckwheat noodles, made rice cakes, and spent the New Year as usual.

This article is the story of the time when I went to Hida with my brother at the end of the New Year.I had 18 tickets left over, so I was going to go somewhere, and i happened to be chosen by Hida.Never said, 'What's your name?'I didn't want to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but i don't

What's your name?I will tell the charm of Hida not only the pilgrimage of the holy place of].



First, we will go to Gifu by tokaido line from Nagoya.At Gifu Station, we changed to the Takayama Main Line, which runs through Shimoro and Takayama to Toyama.To hida furukawa at the end point.IMG_5111-1

I slept for almost four hours.I woke up on the way and said, "Oh, it's snowing.I didn't bring an umbrella.I thought that i would go to bed again.You've done a real waste of time.

That's why we arrived at Hida Furukawa Station at 10:36.I was wondering if there was more snow, but that wasn't the case at all.IMG_5115-1

Immediately, "What's your name?Start the pilgrimage to the Holy Land of

First of all, the roundabout in front of the station.Perfect match!IMG_5133-3 IMG_5114-1

Some people have gathered on the footbridge on the north side of the station.IMG_5116-1

Yes, from here you can see that scenery that you often see.IMG_5133-1 IMG_5118-2

It's really just like that!Please forgive me for the difference in the position of the train.

The next place I visited was the Hida City Library, which has become a hot topic.IMG_5119-1

It is such a feeling when I match it with a picture in the work.IMG_5133-4 IMG_5120-1

The design is slightly different.Maybe if you take the other side and flip it left and right, the match rate is likely to be higher (laughs)

In the library, if you offer to the receptionist and hang a permit for the photo shoot around your neck, you can take a picture.IMG_5122-1

Here is the scene where Taki-kun was reading the itomori material.IMG_5134-1 IMG_5124-1

This is this desk.It is a very beautiful facility.IMG_5125-1


Next, i'll take a leisurely stroll around the city.There is still an old town called "Takayama's Back Zashiki", and it has a very airy.IMG_5128-1

The souvenir shop called "Hida Furukawa Sakura Product Museum" was somehow nice to go to.I wonder?It was a great answer to enter because it was great pains.

Here you can experience the braid that three leaves were in the work!(We're not doing it)
IMG_5130-1 IMG_5131-1

And on the wall of the tatami room, i was like, "What's your name?There were a lot of photobanels lined up.IMG_5132-0 IMG_5133-0

This temple is called Sensoji Temple, which is across from it.IMG_5136-1

The red railing of "Imamiyabashi" is a symbol.IMG_5137-1

The side street of "Arashiro gawa" is also fun just to walk there with a taste somewhere.IMG_5140-1 IMG_5138-1


While walking leisurely like that, the next destination is a shop called "Ajidofurukawa", where Senior Okuji and Tsukasa were eating Gohei mochi.I seemed to be able to actually eat Gohei mochi, but I was not sure. (laughs)IMG_5145-1

It is such a feeling when I put it together with a picture.If you're real, your name isAlso poster has been putIMG_5135-1IMG_5143-1


From here, we will walk through the seto river and Shirabe Dozo-gai, the best attractions of Hida Furukawa.Everyone who goes on the road seems to enjoy it, and the heart is excited.IMG_5147-1

You can watch the water flowing through the whole thing forever.There seem to be about 1,000 carp, but now they are moving to another pond for the winter.IMG_5148-1

Enkoji Temple is located on the Seto River.There is a temple in some places again, isn't it?IMG_5150-1

The best shot of Hida Furukawa in me is here.White warehouse, the clear stream of the Seto River, cobblestones, wooden Japanese-style dwellings, and the car that fits there, i think it is a piece that condenses the charmIMG_5156-1


It took me about an hour to get there, but I came back to Hida Furukawa Station.IMG_5158-1

There are a lot of parts that i haven't seen yet, so I want to come again!

The scene is different, but the mascot of Hida beef is tentative.LolIMG_5133-2 IMG_5160-1

Take this train to Takayama.It will arrive in about 15 minutes.IMG_5164-1


What's your name?It was quite crowded that it became a holy place.Still, there are not as many people as Takayama, and I think it is a place where you can enjoy a small atmosphere.

Next time, i'll look forward to the Hida Takayama walk!


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