18 Iida Line and Secret Station Tour Trip [Frustrated on the Way]

A secret station, a station that is difficult to get to other than a train, there is nothing in the vicinity.

There is no house, and there is no road.It's a land of secrets.

There are many such places in Nagano Prefecture!I was finally able to go!


The longest local line in Japan, iida line

The season flies at a stretch, and summer vacation.After the test, I went back to Nagoya from Tokyo for my youth.

This time, it goes through the longest local line in Japan, the Iida line.Iida line i thought i'd go someday, to get on all the lines, it's really six hours one way

Speaking of the Iida Line, it is famous for the existence of many unexplored stations.It is natural ly the first to go around this.I walked to Asagaya Station on the Chuo Line, which was 30 minutes away from home with a heavy backpack on my back.

On the Chuo Line, we will first aim for Okaya Station in Nagano Prefecture.

At Okaya Station, a train on the Iida Line was waiting for us for a short transfer time.It is said that the passenger leaves as soon as the transfer.

Originally, the iida line section is two stops from Tatsuno Station, but almost all trains go directly to Okaya Station.

At Tatsuno Station, the crew will be replaced, and the long Iida Line will depart again.

The Iida Line runs through the basin between east and west and the mountains.There is no reason why the scenery of the countryside + the mountain range is not beautiful!

Oh, come to think of it, I purchased an SLR as soon as the summer vacation started.I want to deliver a high quality photograph from this time!


We arrived at Iida Station at the end.

Notice something critical here.I bought it yesterday and put it in my bag, so I don't have any food.There shouldn't be a convenience store in the secret station, so I'll buy it at Iida Station while i'm sad.



Tenryukyo, a tourist destination on foot

Then the train to Tenryukyo.There is about 50 minutes at Tenryukyo Station, so we will go sightseeing in Tenryukyo as sfollowed by the station name!

The Iida Line is lined with tracks along the Tenryu River almost all the time.Tenryukyo is where the Tenryu River and The Iida Line are approaching.At that Tenryukyo station.

Tenryukyo has a promenade of less than 40 minutes per lap, and I walked along the street!

It's a pretty quaint road.

Over the road with the up-and-down, you can see the Tenryu River under your eyes.

If you go further, you will reach the Azalea Bridge.It shakes unexpectedly!

It crosses to the opposite bank, and it walks for a while again.

It returned to Tenryukyo Station soon.It is a place where you can enjoy nature easily from the station!

The next train to Toyohashi, which goes south to Aichi Prefecture at once.


One of the most hidden stations on the Iida Line

For me, this is the game.The unexplored station is concentrated from this Tenryukyo Station.

The plan is very important for the secret station tour.Once you get off the train, the next train is three hours later.This density of the timetable of the local line is natural.

Can you stand three hours at an empty station?I can't stand it!Then, having hit on it by chance to take the train in the opposite direction.That way, you can reduce your stay at the station to about 50 minutes (although it's still long…)

Here is the plan I made this time!It seems to be able to visit as many as five secret stations!%e3%82%b9%e3%af%e3%83%aa%e3%83% bc%e3%83%b3%e3%82%b7%e3%83%a7%e3%83%83%e3%83%e3%88-125%83%e3%83%83%83%e3%83%83%83%82%82%af%e3%83%af%e3%83%af%e3%83%af%e3%83%aa%e3%83%83%.com

Tamoto Station

The first is Tamoto Station.On the other hand, it is a cliff and the other is the Tenryu River, the station with the most topographical conditions in the Iida Line.Secret Station Ranking Is 4th in The Whole CountryLet's go to The Secret Station./From Sasai no Sashi-san)

There is only one way to escape from the station.

When you go up here, you will see two dense forest roads that people can barely pass through.

I was actually going to go here, but i was disappointed with myself here.I've noticed a little while ago, but i'm not good at insects.Especially the sound of boo-un being called in that earAnd the sweltering heat!I lost these two and couldn't go any further… What a pity.

I decided to sit in a simple waiting room for about 40 minutes.I'm so free to say the least.Because there was a notebook, I wrote it appropriately.

It's a peaceful thing to do!

The train in the opposite direction finally comes.Survived..

At this rate, it's not like we can't go around all this.It goes to the next station while becoming frustrated early.

Kanano Station

This is Kinno Station.It is a feature of iida line that there are a lot of obfuscation station names.

There's nothing here!The parking lot that used to be used?

There's an old bridge, and it looks like you can come by car.I'm going to go around here and turn around again this time.

The rock which looked up by chance was cool.

There were about two people who got off the train together.One disappeared into the back of the road, but the other was unlucky.First of all, it was good that the train did not come, and it got off from the platform to the track with the face which did not eat what.It seems to have put up the tripod there and taking a picture of something.There was an iron bridge a little farther away, but I walked to the bridge by the side of the track!!

Of course, you should never do such a thing.I've got a good shot.Such a person makes the reputation of the taking iron bad.

Well, i'll be in the waiting room for about 20 minutes at this Kanano station.Not to mention the air conditioner, there should not be a door, so i decided to fight the heat and insects here.No, i shouldn't have come in the summer.But the flowers were beautiful.

That's why I almost broke my heart when I got on the next train.

It's important to give up once and for all, even though i've become very compassionate.I decided to ride to Toyohashi as it is because I thought that it was a tipping point when i couldn't enjoy it.

Tokuri Station

I was going to get off, so I went to Kuri-do Station.I want to bridge that bridge.

Nakai Samurai Station

Nakai Samurai Station, what kind of samurai you want to ram.I was amazed at the tea fields on the steep slopes.

Kowada Station

This is Kowada Station.In the third place in the secret station ranking, about five people who might be railway fans got off.

It takes about two hours from here to Toyohashi Station in Aichi Prefecture.The inside of the car was surprisingly crowded, and after the place where i sat was empty, I slept asleep.Lol

From Toyohashi, take the Tokaido Line to Nagoya.It was about 22 o'clock when I got home.


In such a feeling, the ride of the Iida line ends.I've become a little unwilling, but I have to go someday.I'm relieved that the burden of that is gone and i think i was able to earn quite a bit of distance.I don't know when it will be, but I want to come again!

The next article was a long time after the story of climbing!Please look forward to it.

「人生そのものが登山であり冒険である。」 世界で初めてエベレストへの登頂を果たしたニュージーランドの登山家エドモンド・ヒラリーが遺した名言です。人生はよく登山にたとえられますが、人生も登山も、それだけ目標達成までの道のりは険しいものな...


Today's ride distance: 476.4km

Pay attention to the Tadami Line, one of Japan's most unexplored and spectacular routes.