How to get to “Izumo Taisha Shrine” and what to see, the holy place of the marriage that Gods gathers


Hello, I’m Terrine!

In Japan, it is said that there are millions of Gods.

The October that Gods are absent is called “Kannazuki” which means that there are no Gods, and the eight million gods come together to Izumo Taisha. From such a thing, only Shimane Prefecture, where Izumo Taisha is located, calls October “Kamiarizuki” which means that there are Gods.

I think there are more gods in Shimane Prefecture than human beings. I will show you plenty of directions and attractions by transportation to Izumo Taisha, which is such an transcendent power spot.


Go to Izumo City Station on the JR Sanin Line

Tamatsukuri Onsen Station

I stayed at “Tamatsukuri Onsen”, famous for its beautiful-skinned hot spring, and i am aiming at Izumo Taisha from Tamatsukuri Onsen Station on the JR Sanin Line.


The train is very clean and clean. It was a lovely station with a triangular roof.

Take the local train from Matsue to Izumo City Station.About 30 minutes.

Marine view of Lake Shinji

On the way, the train passes right next to Lake Shinji, which is famous for shijimi clams. If it is a lake with little flow that the surface of the water and the shore are so close to the track?

If you’re riding on the Sanin Line, don’t miss this beautiful view through the window!

The train which passes each other is paid attention, too.

Please try to pay attention to the passing vehicle. Sanin Line can be found to be running a train of various faces unexpectedly.

It is a limited express of a valuable Japanese National Railways age now.In addition, there might be a passing of the sleeper express.


From Izumo City Station to Izumo Taisha by bus

Izumo City Station

We arrived at Izumo City Station, the gateway to Izumo Taisha.

Izumo City Station is also the last stop of only existing sleeper express “Sunrise Izumo”, so if you have enough time to visit Izumo Taisha on the sleeper express, it’s good to have a taste. It’s like a moving hotel!

Ride "Sunrise Izumo" from Tokyo, the only sleeper express in Japan [single twin, private room B]
Hello, I'm Terrine! It has become the last sleeper express that operates regularly.Not only railway fans and travel e...

At Izumo City Station, you will be greeted by a wooden station building that is reminisced about Izumo Taisha.

Get on the Ichibata Bus Taisha Line

Now, I want to go to Izumo Taisha from here, izumo taisha is about 8km away in a straight line distance from Izumo City Station, so it is necessary to change to “Ichibata Bus” or “Ichibata Train”.

This time, I chose a bus for the outbound route.Take the Ichibata Bus Taisha Line, which has a guide indication of Izumo Taisha, and go to the Main Gate Front bus stop.It takes about 25 minutes and the fare is 500 yen.
Ichibata Bus Co., Ltd.: Izumo Pipe Timetable and Fare Table Guide

The road on the way is a rice field with a view of one side.

Old Taisha Station

Looking at the right side of the traveling direction, you can see a heavy and splendid Japanese style architecture.This is the old Taisha Station, which was the end point of the JR Taisha Line, which was abolished in 1990, and according to izumo tourist guide’s website, this station building is praised as “the masterpiece of the Japanese style station building”.

A steam locomotive was also on display next to it.

When you get off at the bus stop in front of the “Main Gate” bus stop while enjoying the car window, as the name suggests, izumo taisha’s main gate is the main gate.

Izumo Taisha Precincts

Now, let’s go into the precincts.  

Downhill approach, pine approach

As you go to the depths of torii, you will find a straight-forward approach.

The “pine approach” ahead is a tree-lined pine road, and there is a torii in the middle, but this is god’s way.Let the human race walk both ends.

On the way to the right hand, the wolf of the great power to pray.Izumo Taisha is the “God of marriage”. 

And go through the last torii!

Worship Hall

The first thing you can see is this “Worship Hall”.It is characterized by a thick and large rope that can be said to be a symbol of Izumo Taisha.

At the back of the shrine is the “Honden”, surrounded by a square wall.You can’t see or approach the whole from the front, so i’ll try to go around the main hall.

It is a point that the point that the diagonal back can worship the main hall most firmly.It is built in the oldest shrine architectural style in Japan called “Taisha-ku”, bearing the name of Izumo Taisha.The two bonito trees and three bazookas on the top of the roof are also characteristic.

I should have learned it in architectural history class, but I can hardly remember it.I’ll introduce it because I found the site which explains in a very easy-to-understand illustration!

初めて訪れる人は必見。伊勢神宮と出雲大社は建築の違いを知るとおもしろい! | 和樂web 日本文化の入り口マガジン
神社建築はココが違う! 国家的な祭祀の場となってきた伊勢神宮と出雲大社。その本殿建築は日本最古の様式を今に伝えていますが、構造は異なります。比べてみると、その特徴が明快です。 伊勢神宮は「穀倉」に基づく「唯一神明造り」 一般的な神社建築のひとつが「神明造り」ですが、そのなかでも伊勢神宮の正殿はほかでは用いられない特別な...

The ear grows in such a small shrine.It’s so cute.

It’s not large, but it’s also attractive to have a splendid building on the side that is built into every detail using plenty of wood.

There are elongated buildings one by one to the east and west of the main hall.When God gathers in Izumo in October of the lunar calendar, God seems to stay here, so to speak, “God’s hotel”.It’s not a lot of stuff for the VIP feeling of the character.God is surprisingly small.Lol

There was a lovely white rabbit on the back side of the main hall.It is handed down from kojiki as “Inaba no Shiro Rabbit” that the lord of the great powers helped, and there are 46 rabbits in the precincts.

A rabbit looks up at the main shrine.

It’s too nice to have a wedding ceremony at a shrine of “marriage”.The bride and groom were beautiful, just to see you.

Kagura-den’s Dai-ten-no-no-no-go

One of the things that i came up with when I heard about Izumo Taisha is a super huge snocrivese!This “Onote ren-nawa”, which is about 13m long and weighs 5.2 tons, seems to be handmade this size.

Kagura-den is a little far from the main shrine, so it’s easy to overlook it, so be careful.I was also dangerously passing by and did not go near it, so you can see that the Japanese flag is flying from a distance, so i don’t hesitate if you aim for it.

Inasa’s Beach and The Road of God’s Greet

15 minutes’ walk from Kagura-den to the sea

Izumo Taisha’s precincts are here, but there are many attractions in the surrounding area.Then, it leaves Kagura-den, and it walks toward the sea.Yes, izumo Taisha is actually close to the sea!

After walking down a strange road for about ten minutes, i could see the sea from the top of the hill.If it is a movie, it is a situation in which the main character seems to row a bicycle and go down.

And, the rock which attached to the front somehow came into view.

Inasa no Hama Bentenjima

The place where there is a rock is a wide sandy beach.The rocks and small shrines that stand in the clear blue sky are still divine.

God first landed from this sandy beach in The Divine Moon.I wonder if God is coming to swim.

The land is a residential area soon.Old houses, narrow roads, and the blue sea and sky are nostalgic and beautiful.

There are often cats on such a narrow road.

God’s Way “God’s Way of God’

The way to greet the God who landed on Inasa-no-Hama is the way to greet God.The road of the god welcome begins from the stone lantern built on the coast.

Now there is a quiet residential area where nothing is unusual.However, this area seems to be in a welcoming mood when it comes to “The Moon”

God walked this way!When I think about it, I also feel like I’ve become a god, so I recommend it.

As you move away from the sea little by little, the number of shops gradually increases.On the way, I noticed a museum called “Handen Museum”.The building is said to have been renovated from the rice and sake breweries that were built in the Edo period.

Then, after walking for about 15 minutes, i came back to the torii in front of the first time I saw it! 

Approach Gourmet

The approach continues straight from the torii in front.Here you can enjoy local gourmet food and fashionable souvenir shops on foot.Tell me some of it!

Stylish Starbucks

Everyone loves Starbucks.There is a stylish starbucks all over the country, but it was also here in Izumo.Because it is in front of the torii in front, it should be easy to find it!

Izumo Soba

“Izumo soba” is also counted in the three large soba that you should eat absolutely when coming to Izumo.There were shops near Izumo everywhere on the approach.It is characteristic that the dish named crackko overlaps and comes out.

It is very vivid and pretty when I spread the crack in this way.The taste was put little by little while applying the soup to each crack child and it ate it.

Izumo Zenzai

Another gourmet in Izumo is Izumo Zenzai.Izumo is said to be the birthplace of Zenzai, and you can also shop in various shops.

Take the Ichibata Train to Izumo City Station

Izumo Taishamae Station

I took a bus to go, so I’ll try to get back by train.Izumo Taishamae Station on the Ichibata Train, which is about a five-minute walk along the approach.A retro station building that was built in the early Showa era was waiting for us.

The interior of the station also has a strong look of showa, and the guidance of the departure time is also very analog and feels good.The gap is great because it is said that wi-fi is also flying.

I like the home where the track of the terminal station is cut off.The old structure has a good taste again.

A retired vehicle was on display next to the vehicle that was going on.

All the parts were made of wood.I feel the warmth more than just industrial products now.

Then, i will take the train of the active service and aim at The Electric Railway Izumo City Station.

Transfer at Kawamichi Station

The train that left Izumo Taisha will go to Matsue if it is as it is, so you can change trains at kawaruin station on the way.If you want to go sightseeing in conjunction with matsue, there is also a place to take the Ichibata train.


All three trains arrived all at once, and it was possible to connect immediately.

The next one is Takeshi.

Arrive at Izumo City Electric Railway Station

We arrived at The Railway Izumo City Station at the end point.It is about a minute’s walk to Izumo City STATION.

To the next town…

From JR Izumo City Station to the next city.I felt like a very mysterious space where I felt god’s existence.

West of izumo city, which was relatively bustling, we entrust ourselves to one diesel car that is not electrified.It seems to be going to the frontier of Japan somehow~

So, stay tuned next time!