Ride “Sunrise Izumo” from Tokyo, the only sleeper express in Japan [single twin, private room B]


Hello, I’m Terrine!

It has become the last sleeper express that operates regularly.Not only railway fans and travel enthusiasts, there must be a lot of people who have a longing to ride once.

I used to ride “Sunrise Seto” when I went to Shikoku.Of course, it was a wonderful trip full of travel feelings.It was a great experience.But there was only one thing that didn’t come true.It was that the place to sleep was “little fish sleeping” on the carpet.

I tried to ride the sleeper express of longing [Sunrise Seto] [Novinovi seat]
Sunrise Seto Izumo has become the only sleeper express that is regularly operated.I will report the overnight in the Sunrise Seto

I want to take a private room if I have any trouble.And I want to visit the two prefectures of Tottori and Shimane that remained without going to the end.So, i played revenge in the direction of [Sunrise Izumo] this time

I will tell you about the travel of the sleeper express like the hotel which runs so to speak so so.


Fares and Routes

“Sunrise Izumo” is combined with “Sunrise Seto”.It is cut off at Okayama Station on the way, and it is divided into the train which goes to Takamatsu across the Seto Ohashi Bridge and the train which goes to Izumo.

The longest route of “Sunrise Izumo” is Tokyo-Izumo City, but this time I decided to take a ride in Tokyo to Yonago Station at the western end of Tottori Prefecture.Since we are going east from Yonago, which also passes to Tottori Prefecture, the ticket is to Tottori in Tokyo.The ticket purchased this time is here.

You can’t buy a ticket for Sunrise Izumo and Seto unless you go to a window of green.When I went to the window 26 days before i got on, the cheapest “Nonovi Seat” was already empty, and the private room available for two was the last one.It will be on sale from 10 o’clock one month before the ride, so it is recommended to buy it early with plenty of time.

By the way, unfortunately, i can’t get on the sleeper express in youth 18 ticket!Sorry for the confusing blog title….To use the private room of the sleeper express, “fare + express fare + sleeper charge” is required.The breakdown of fares and charges is as follows.


To Tokyo Station

So, I came to Tokyo Station, the first station of Sunrise Izumo.(The photograph is an image)

The letter of the sleeper express Sunrise Izumo is engraved on the bulletin board!

From the other side of this platform, you can see the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

I waited at the entrance of car 13 which was mentioned in the ticket.

Thirty minutes before sunrise izumo’s departure time, the Shonan Liner 13, which had stopped at home, departed with people returning to Shonan.

After a while, Sunrise Izumo and Seto came slowly from a distance.

Slowly and slowly approach.

Express Sunrise Izumo arrives!It’s going to be a lot!

B Private Room Single Twin

This time the seat, no, “room” here.There’s a proper bed!Impressed!!

Wait for the door to open, and finally get on!It seems to be “B bed” tentatively.

First of all, go to your room!As the ticket says, this is a private room with a single twin.It seems to be a room for one person, but it is possible to use it for two people because it becomes a bunk bed together with the upper auxiliary bed.This feeling of a little cramped may feel “sleeper express”.

There is one outlet at the back of the stairs, and you can store your luggage in this space.There are also two hangers.It’s like a business hotel with roomware.

The second floor has a big window!Because I can look over from a high place, I seem to be able to see a considerably good scenery.

The ceiling is also high and comfortable than I thought.Stored in a place like this?There was also.By the way, it is equipped with air conditioning and heating.

Plastic cups.It’s smart, isn’t it?

The door seen from the room.It is a feeling similar to the restroom which is attached to the train.By the way, the outer lock was a PIN type.

I’ll put the guide in the car for your reference.

look at the car window

Once i settled down by changing the room and organizing my luggage, I sat on the upper bed and looked at the car window.The hustle and bustle of the city passing by, the night view of the city that shines colorfully, and the time to play back like this is the real thrill of the sleeper express.

The platform of Yokohama Station which is stopped.In yokohama station and the special sleeper express car that does not change anything as usual, it seems to flow a completely different air, and it is a very mysterious feeling.And, it is embarrassed that the inside of the room seems to become a complete view from the passer-by above all.

It is a mystery which reflects freshly from the sleeper express even in the car window of the Tokaido line which should have gotten tired of looking at it many times.After Odawara, you get closest to Sagami Bay.The rows of light on the other side of the sea are very fantastic.

Explore the car

There is a shower in the car of “Sunrise Izumo”.Passengers below B bed have to buy a shower card of 320 yen at the vending machine, but, what a sellout!I should have bought it early, i can’t take a shower, or i’ll take a 、、。

… I thought by chance, here is in the car of “Sunrise Izumo”.If you go to “Sunrise Seto”, which is also co-located, you may still have left.You’re a genius!… Well there’s no guarantee that’s left!

I have to go for a day or eight.We will see the state of the car while walking 7 cars aiming at the 33th car of “Seto” from the 10-car of Izumo.There is a room on both sides, and it feels a little cramped in “B single”.

Came to the vehicle of the richer room “A Single DX”.The room is more open than before because it is only on one side.Vip is treated differently.

Next, here is the novobi seat.It is a small fish sleeping style only with a simple partition in the carpet.Sleeper fee – About 7,400 yen per person in this single twin is not necessary, and it is the cheapest plan that can be used only by “fare – express charge + seat reserved fee 520 yen”.In other words, it is a place where the people of the underworld sleep.The last time I used it, I put it on the shelf and walked with a good face.

(That said, the space for one person is rather large, so it’s comfortable enough!!)

Now is the time to open the forbidden door.From here on out, it is a space of a different world that Seto is already dominating.Well, it is not a connecting part of the end of the car that connects the vehicle of “Izumo” and “Seto”, it has become a very narrow passage.We still have a long way to go.

They take a shower

And after eight minutes of walking in the car, we finally arrived at the “Sunrise Seto” shower card vending machine.If it is sold out here, the hardship which has walked in the car that is narrow and swaying is wasted, and when i look at the vending machine with such an extreme tension, there wasGet a Shower Card!!

We went to the shower room.There is a place where the card is put under the dryer opposite to enter.

Insert the shower card into it.Like this.

Then, “Please put the card.What was the display,

“The shower is available.It changes to the display.When you press the “shower room cleaning button” next door, it begins to make a noise that is obviously washing, so wait for it to finish.

There was a minimum thing like shampoo and the face wash.The time limit for hot water is six minutes.Press the start button to start the countdown.However, it seemed to be short for six minutes because it paused when the stop was pushed, and it was room at all.As long as you don’t try to drop the dirt in every corner of your body, you’ll be fine.

I tried to wear a yukata.The washbasin is also beautiful!

Take a break in the lounge

I went back to Izumo again and got tired of walking 14 cars and a lot of round trip, so I took a break in the lounge with the counter.It’s a great place to talk while looking at the car window.

Drink dinner with sake and snacks from Tokyo Station.The sake after the bath is the best!

While doing so, it rushes into the local Aichi Prefecture around midnight.I stopped driving to Toyohashi Station, where I always change trains at 18 tickets.It’s kind of weird to go past my hometown.

Gifu Station with only fluorescent lights.It’s like a ghost town, and it’s a little scary.

I feel like i want to soak up the lingering taste as it is, but it’s hard to throw away sleeping in a very precious “moving futon”.As a result of the two feelings, I chose a futon without hesitation.In a dream in no time…


When I woke up, I was in the mountains.Before I knew it, I passed Okayama Station and was on the way to the Hakubi Line.I’m separated from Sunrise Seto.

The weather was not so good, so I thought, “Sunrise in Sunrise.It was not.

And, it arrives at Yonago station on time.

Well, it was connected from Tokyo to here.It’s been a long time since i’ve been through the night running along the tracks of the conventional line to this far away place.

Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

Thank you for a night full of romance!!

I immediately met the JNR type express, and this place was years ago.The impression that.

I purchased a limited express ticket to Tottori Station outside the ticket gate of Yonago Station.An object of a steam locomotive that was in the square in front of the station and tried to take off into the sky.(It seems not to be Galaxy Railway 999…)

Head to Tottori by express express “Super Matsukaze”.Wait, sand dunes!

Yes, the journey has just begun.Tottori → Shimane → Yamaguchi and all the travels of sanin full of nostalgia that has been toured by train, summarized in this article.There are many places you want to go near the station, so you can go around a variety of places by train!