[Trip of Shinshu photography] night view of Lake Suwa and Tateishi Park on foot [What is your name?Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Thank you, It's ting-in!

This time, i look down on Lake Suwa in the middle of Nagano from above.

Speaking of Lake Suwa, yes!What's your name?It is a place that is said to be a model of Lake Itomori that appeared in].It's not completely meher, but i went to that now is the only time to go!

There seems to be a great spot overlooking Lake Suwa called Tateishi Park near Kamisuwa Station, so we will take a picture from evening to night.


On foot from Kamisuwa Station

I visited in December and stopped by at the end of the year to go back to Nagoya from Tokyo.Nagano in the middle of winter is indeed cold.

First of all, we arrived at Kamisuwa Station on the Chuo Line, where the limited express "Azusa" also stops.Of course I'm 18.

From here, tateishi park, which overlooks Lake Suwa, is more than a minute's walk away.Because it is a high hill, it is a quiet, steep road, but it climbs in a hurry so that the sun does not fall.

Shortcut through such a narrow road.

The stairs that continue single-mindedly.

This substation is the one who blows up by any chance、、?

This feeling is also like, "What's your name?Isn't it like??Oh, that's not true?

Lake Suwa is in sight!

Are you sure you want to get there?This display is very welcome when i became uneasy.

I know it's obviously not the way people go, but i have no choice but to walk.



Arrived at Tateishi Park

We made our way along the way and arrived at Tateishi Park in a 30-minute walk from the station!As you can see, there are quite a few people.I wonder though most of the people who came by car!

The place where I am is an observatory standing in the park.It has become a great shooting spot, there were a lot of gachi who set the eye on a tripod.

I set a tripod like that.

In this place, lake Suwa taken at the time when the sun is still barely out is here.

Panorama synthesis as an example.It's really like, "What's your name?It looks just like Lake Itomori

If you come at this time with great pains, I want to see the night view after all.So, i killed time until the sun went down and the lights went on in the city.I exchanged it with a telephoto lens and took a picture!

Lake shore of Lake Suwa.The ship on the top left, "Swa" is only "swan" to the lake??

A group of people with guitars that have been intruding on the way.I sang for about 15 minutes and went home with a dash.I was a chinese person around me and i was very much receiving it (laughs)

A big bridge on the other side.It is the one of the central expressway.

If you do your best and look for it, you will also find Kamisuwa Station.


Night view of Lake Suwa

Do you have this for about an hour?What's so cold!I'm not freezing anymore.While enduring the wind blowing, let's look towards the night view soon because it has become dark!

That's the extent to which I can take a picture with my camera.

Of course, this is beautiful enough!If you take three or four pictures around this and connect them!A very beautiful panoramic photo is completed! !

I can't believe there was a place like this.What's your name?It's usually too pretty without relationship.

Here is the idea of synthesizing a slightly wider range.

Oh, there's something a little unnatural about it?There is no such thing.Isn't that something wrong?

Well, i'm glad you came anyway!It is a place to be able to see the scenery like Hakodate and Nagasaki where the night view is famous for free.
【West Japan Wandering Record】Nagasaki Peace Park and the $10 million night view


The time is 17:30.The last train to return to Nagoya is approaching, so I walk down.At this time, the number of people was reduced to less than half.

Arrive at Kamisuwa Station!I was ilmi.

Transfer at Shiojiri Station and on the Chuo-Nishi Line.I've been dazed for two hours.

We arrived at Nakatsugawa Station.If you come this far, you'll have a little more!

To Nagoya!I'm going home with this.


This time, it was a trip that enriches the heart.I'm glad it was just a good breather.

I also felt that the purpose of the trip had shifted a little from "getting on the train" to "taking pictures".I used to like taking pictures.Anyway, the pillar of moving by train does not change, so I will continue to ride it from now on.


Today's travel distance: 340.2 km