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Tottori and Shimane by sleeper express! Summary of sightseeing spots in Sanin to visit by train

Sanin region has few opportunities to go there.Attractive tourist attractions are hidden in such a remote place.I put together a list of the places to visit and the history and nature of Tottori and Shimane, which I want to go while sending a stopover by train.

How to get to “Izumo Taisha Shrine” and what to see, the holy place of the marriage that Gods gathers

Izumo Taisha is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most important attraction in the sanin.In October, we will show you how to get to Izumo Taisha, a super-powered spot where eight million gods come together from all over the country.

I took a bus on behalf of the Tadami Line, one of the most spectacular routes.

Thank you, It's ting-in! Last time, We introduced the scenic spot of "Daiichi Tadamigawa Bridge". This...

How to get to the "Dai-ichi Tadamigawa Bridge", a standard spot on the Tadami Line, one of the best scenic routes

I rode the Tadami Line, one of Japan's most spectacular local lines, connecting Uonuma in Niigata from Aizuwakamatsu.Speaking of Tadami Line, this is it!I introduce the famous photography spot of the super-famous "Tadamigawa Daiichi Bridge" which should be said.

【West Japan Wandering Record】The station where the sun sets in the sea, the superb view of Shimonada Station

Last time, I visited the Shimanto River in Kochi. This time, i'll take over the train and visit a certain scenic ...

Kiyoryu and Kura no Machi Hida Furukawa "What is your name?"Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

What did you do during the new year? At the end of the year, I had a daily drinking party with my local friends, stayed...

Chiba-Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Journey [Kominato Railway/ Isumi Railway]

Thank you very much, I've finished the assignment, i'm sleepy.I was so busy that I couldn't get into the blo...
Hokuriku / Koshinetsu

18 Iida Line and Secret Station Tour Trip [Frustrated on the Way]

A secret station, a station that is difficult to get to other than a train, there is nothing in the vicinity. There is ...