Night Train


Tottori and Shimane by sleeper express! Summary of sightseeing spots in Sanin to visit by train

Sanin region has few opportunities to go there.Attractive tourist attractions are hidden in such a remote place.I put together a list of the places to visit and the history and nature of Tottori and Shimane, which I want to go while sending a stopover by train.

Ride “Sunrise Izumo” from Tokyo, the only sleeper express in Japan [single twin, private room B]

Hello, I'm Terrine! It has become the last sleeper express that operates regularly.Not only railway fans and travel e...

I tried to ride the sleeper express of longing [Sunrise Seto] [Novinovi seat]

Sunrise Seto Izumo has become the only sleeper express that is regularly operated.I will report the overnight in the Sunrise Seto