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Tottori and Shimane by sleeper express! Summary of sightseeing spots in Sanin to visit by train

Sanin region has few opportunities to go there.Attractive tourist attractions are hidden in such a remote place.I put together a list of the places to visit and the history and nature of Tottori and Shimane, which I want to go while sending a stopover by train.

Run through the sea and mountains!I want to go by drive to the scenic spot of Yamaguchi.

This time, I would like to introduce the sights of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the westernmost part of Honshu.Surrounded by the sea and mountains, yamaguchi's wilderness is just the right place to drive.There are a lot of great views that can be aimed at insta-shine, too.I'd like to introduce the recommended spots while actually following the route of two days per night that I have been driving!
Hokuriku / Koshinetsu

[Trip of Shinshu photography] night view of Lake Suwa and Tateishi Park on foot [What is your name?Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Thank you, It's ting-in! This time, i look down on Lake Suwa in the middle of Nagano from above. Speaking of Lake ...