Run through the sea and mountains!I want to go by drive to the scenic spot of Yamaguchi.

This time, I would like to introduce the sights of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the westernmost part of Honshu.Surrounded by the sea and mountains, yamaguchi's wilderness is just the right place to drive.There are a lot of great views that can be aimed at insta-shine, too.I'd like to introduce the recommended spots while actually following the route of two days per night that I have been driving!

Sea, cherry blossoms, slopes, temples, and cats…, how to walk “Onomichi” in Hroshima

Onomichi is facing the Seto Inland Sea and is also the entrance to the Shimanami Kaido.There are a lot of contents that you can enjoy walking in Onomichi, such as the scenic scenery of the sea and the island seen from the slope, the quaint old temple, and a lot of cats that settled on the slope!

How to get to “Izumo Taisha Shrine” and what to see, the holy place of the marriage that Gods gathers

Izumo Taisha is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most important attraction in the sanin.In October, we will show you how to get to Izumo Taisha, a super-powered spot where eight million gods come together from all over the country.

【West Japan Wandering Record】The station where the sun sets in the sea, the superb view of Shimonada Station

Last time, I visited the Shimanto River in Kochi. This time, i'll take over the train and visit a certain scenic ...

Chiba and Boso Peninsula Kururu Solo Travel [JR Outer Chamber Line/ Uchibo Line]

Thank you very much, I have a cold for the first time in a long time while writing this article.I can't stop running...

I tried to ride the sleeper express of longing [Sunrise Seto] [Novinovi seat]

Sunrise Seto Izumo has become the only sleeper express that is regularly operated.I will report the overnight in the Sunrise Seto