Sea, cherry blossoms, slopes, temples, and cats…, how to walk “Onomichi” in Hroshima


Thank you, It’s ting-in!It is an update of the series after a long time [West Japan Wandering Record 2].

Onomichi is facing the Seto Inland Sea and is also the entrance to the Shimanami Kaido.There are a lot of contents that you can enjoy walking in Onomichi, such as the scenic scenery of the sea and the island seen from the slope, the quaint old temple, and a lot of cats that settled on the slope!

The onomichi that passes on the JR Sanyo Main Line is connected to Hiroshima, Okayama, and Kurashiki.When I was riding a train from hiroshima, I could see the bridge of shimanami kaido.

In the spring and summer, we will introduce the recommended spots of Onomichi that you can walk from the station in one article.


Onomichi Hondori

A shopping street called Onomichi Hondori Street arrives at the entrance in about a minute’s walk from Onomichi Station.It is the center of Onomichi and is characterized by a very long time from east to west.First of all, I will introduce various attractions of this shopping street!

Fumiko Hayashi

In front of the arcade is a statue of a female artist named Fumiko Hayashi, who has a connection to Onomichi.Fumiko Hayashi’s work called “The Wandering Chronicles” is actually the origin of this blog title.

Onomichi is also famous as a city of literature.Why don’t you experience the world of literature at the Fumiko Memorial Hall in the shopping district?

Yamato Yu “Yu Yu”

This building remains in tact with the retro atmosphere of the “Yamato-yu” sign.In fact, the introspection has been renovated, and now it is playing an active part as a café called “Yu Yu”.

There was a table in the place where there was a bathroom.It seems to be able to be able to do a quite mysterious experience of eating in the public bath.

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Fashionable Cafe

There are many other fashionable shops on Onomichi Hondori Street.It’s also good to discover your favorite shops and have an elegant lunch.

At Noel+, a sundry café, we had lunch with lots of vegetables, including pumpkin soup and quiche.The pancake menu is also popular, and the miscellaneous goods in the store are pretty, so it is comfortable!

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Along the coast

One of the attractions of Onomichi is that the sea is close.It is close enough to see the sea from Onomichi Hondori Street.Introducing the highlights along the sea!

Entrance to Shimanami Kaido

Shimanami Kaido connects Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures, which are very popular as cycling roads.Onomichi is the starting point, and if you are a bicycle, you can join the Shimanami Kaido from Mukaijima on the south side.Mukaijima and Onomichi city centre are served by three routes, and are crowded with local residents and cyclists.

The closest ferry from Onomichi Station is the “ekimae ferry”, and the fare is only 100 yen.Plus 10 yen, you can carry a bicycle.It is convenient because there is a bus station just south of the station, and the terrace and the lawn plaza are open and stylish!The sea between Mukaijima and Mukaijima is called Onomichi Suido, and Mukaijima is right in front of you.

About 10 minutes west of the station is the Onomichi Ferry.

It seems to be able to refresh the mind only by walking along the sea while hitting the sea breeze in the promenade in the immediate vicinity.

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

The seaside walkway from the onomichi toaichi boat stop to the Onomichi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where the pier is located, is a great cherry blossom viewing spot where you can see the early-blooming Kawazu cherry blossoms.It is wrapped in the cheerfulness of the spring of March which is a little chilly, and the scenery which seems to be onomichi of onomichi bridge and the ferry ship which is the first bridge of shimanami kaido is colored.

I think that the place where the sea and cherry blossoms can be enjoyed at the same time is quite rare in the whole country.The contrast between blue and cherry blossoms in the sea and sky was very beautiful!

The best time to see kawazu cherry blossoms along the sea is from the beginning of March to the middle of March.It is earlier than the cherry blossoms of Senkoji Park overlooking from the top of the mountain.

Old Temple Tour

So far, we’ve introduced the “flat place” of Onomichi, but the other side of the sea is no longer a cliff-like town.A number of ancient temples scattered to the desperate slope are also attractive of Onomichi.Let’s walk down the stairs where the end is invisible.


“Senkoji-do” is going down the stairs across the crossing.As you can see from the name, it leads to Senkoji Temple, which is almost at the top of the cliff.

There are actually a lot of private houses on the way.Onomichi citizens who live in such a harsh place are amazing.

Sengkoji-do is followed by a very quaint stone step.There is a sense of dungeon and it is fun.It’s just called “Old Temple Tour”, and it’s like onomichi that there are many old temples around.

The stairs continue still.By the way, I climbed this road carrying a backpack of 10kg in the scorching August when the sun shines.What a training, i’ll never do that again!

Senkoji Shindo

Instead of crossing the railroad tracks, the road that begins through the railroad line is “Senkoji Shindo”.The road is wider and the slopes are gentler than “Senkoji-do”, but it’s still hard to walk up.

This road is facing the sea because it passed by when it goes down.It shouldn’t be so hard if you just get off.Moreover, it is fun because I can walk while looking at the sea!

So, i think that it is the best route to walk either way by using “Senkoji Ropeway” which will be described later.

Cat’s Pathway and Tenning-ji Triple Tower

I saw a sign saying “Cat’s Pathway” on the way to Senkoji Shindo.Well, i’d like to go through it.

When I went inside for a moment, I was surprised at the really narrow road.There are many cat-themed museums and cafes around here, so it’s unbearable for cat lovers!Unfortunately, there was no real cat here.

The scenery seen from the cat’s pathway is remarkable in the three-story pagoda of Tenning-ji Temple.Over this triple tower, it is a really onomichi-like scenery that appears in various media!


If there is a slope, there is a mountain.Let’s take a look at the highlights of the mountains of Senkoji Temple, which is followed by Senkoji-ji-do and Senkoji Shindo.

Senkoji Mountain Ropeway

Good luck to those who have a weak lower back.I went up a steep slope that much, but there is actually a ropeway to the top of the mountain!It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the station, but it’s much easier than going up the stairs.Why did he stubbornly refuse the ropeway at that time?

The ropeway passes over the old temple, so it’s quite fun.

There is also a view that can only be seen on the ropeway.320 yen one way, 500 yen round trip is a little better for a round trip, but it is a ropeway and a walk down is good.
(Reference: Senkoji-san Ropeway Official Site)

Senkoji Park

The area around the top of the mountain side of the ropeway is senkoji park, but as soon as we got off the ropeway, there was a disk-shaped observatory.The observation space is free of charge, and there are restaurants and souvenir shops.

360 degrees great view from the observatory!Especially, the sea side is admired by the beautiful scenery of the sea of Seto Inland and the islands which are continuous.

And here, Senkoji Park seems to have been selected as one of the “100 cherry blossom spots”, so i think it would be absolutely beautiful if the whole area was dyed with cherry blossoms.The cherry blossoms here are mainly someiyoshino, so the best time to see them is in early April.

The Dents of Literature

The road from the top of Senkoji to Senkoji temple is “The Komichi of Literature”.It’s just nice to arrive at the ropeway and go to Senkoji Temple.

Contrary to the gentle name of “Literary Kochi”, this road is already a climbing mountain when walking on the rock and walking on the slope where the root of the tree is exposed.I imagined a more leisurely stroll.

Where is the literary character, there is a rock carved with phrases written by a literary person related to Onomichi.Well, somehow, i’m not satisfied.Lol

Senkoji Temple

I have uttered the word “Senkoji” many times before, but i can’t go home unless I visit “Senkoji”, a temple that symbolizes Onomichi!The main hall of the vermilion which was built to push out to the cliff is a mark.

Of course, you can see the scenery of Onomichi from the stage of this main hall.

There was a round object on board in a terrible place.There is a thing which becomes ‘Rock legend of the ball’ that there was a shining ball whichreaches a long distance here before.

Mt. Kosaka climbs a chain attached to the rock surface.You can see even better views from the top, so if you’re light, please try it.If I hadn’t carried 10kg of luggage, I would have climbed it.

The sight of this boy transmitting the chain becomes a picture very much!It’s like summer vacation!

There are still many things to see and do at Sanko-ji Temple.This rock where the sea is felt in the vicinity is called the drum rock, also known as pom-pom rock, and it seems to make a sound when knocking with the stone.


At last!Onomichi has a lot of cats!Look at the cute neco i met!!

This child was cool in Senkoji Park in midsummer.Isn’t the sleeping figure too beautiful?

This child was in the park in the middle of Senkoji Shindo in spring.It’s something that really sleeps defenseless, no matter how close the camera approaches, it doesn’t move.

When I thought I had found one or another, there were about ten cats in the same place.The shutter doesn’t stop.Kittens with short legs are cute!

Oh, it’s so cute!

There seemed to be people who were taking care of these cats, and when they approached, the cats ran up all at once in a tension explosion.I wonder if it’s like a half-domestic cat, a half-field good cat.


Onomichi finds a new charm the more you walk.We’ve introduced a lot of spots, but there must be a lot of places that we haven’t been able to tell you yet.By all means, please try to find a way to enjoy your own onomichi

By the way, when I visited, JR Onomichi Station was under construction.I think that the new Onomichi station is also completed soon, so there are more places to visit as the new face of Onomichi.

Then, take the train to the next journey.Why don’t you wander around the Setouchi and get off the bus?