【West Japan Wandering Record】The station where the sun sets in the sea, the superb view of Shimonada Station

Last time, I visited the Shimanto River in Kochi.

前回は、大分から「宿毛フェリー」に乗って四国へ渡ってきました。 今回は四国最南端の駅、土佐くろしお鉄道宿毛(すくも)駅から始まる列車旅をお届けします! 特急「南風」 宿毛駅から特急「南風」に乗車。ちょうどいい時間の...

This time, i'll take over the train and visit a certain scenic spot.

I went to Shimonada Station which is famous not only for the railway fan but also for becoming a poster of the Insta shine spot that a lot of Instagrammers gather, and youth 18 ticket.


The Road of The Yosan Line

At Kitauwajima Station, transfer to Matsuyama on the Yosan Line, which connects from the Yoto Line across from the platform.

I run leisurely in the countryside.

On the way, we stopped at Yawatahama Station for about 15 minutes, so we got off the bus as well as a restroom.

I came there is the Anpanman train of the express "Uwakai" that the wrapping of Anpanman was given.In JR Shikoku, a lot of vehicles are anpanman!

This scenery feels the feeling of travel.

Take the train to Matsuyama again, and take two and a half hours to Shimonada Station.

From Nakamura Station in Kochi Prefecture, the ride time is more than five hours.At last, after being shaken by the train,


Arrive at Shimonada Station!

It is already beautiful.

There is nothing to block other than a roof.The location is perfect right in front of the sea.

… I thought that there are people, people, people at the station!

There were a lot of cars on the road in front of the station.There may be obon, but I wonder if it's a valuable place to come by train.

In front of the station, the wagon sales called "Shimonada Coffee", which is open only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, were very crowded.

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The train came from the opposite direction as having gotten on while doing so.This is a shutter chance!

This beautiful landscape now has even in the header image!I guess I've messed with it a little too much. (laughs)

I'll watch the train leave.

No matter what you take, it becomes a picture.

There is still time until sunset, so we took a walk around the area.I looked down at Shimonada Station from a nearby road.

It takes about ten minutes from the station, and you can see a little shore.

Join the national highway bridge that runs along the sea.

Once you go through the coast, you can go towards the residential area lined with old buildings.

In the middle of the road along side the track, I found a small crossing on the stone wall.It's kind of cute.Lol

It was a good place to have a peaceful time.

After a little relaxing, we will return to Shimonada Station.At the crossing on the way.

Sunset over the sea

We arrived at Shimonada Station again.The number of people who do not have the heart increases??

Well, I didn't hear that the train was coming now!!

I wanted to take it a little more properly.

From here on, the sunset will only set into the sea.There is nothing more to say from me.Now, take a look at the stunning view of the sun being swallowed up by the Seto Inland Sea.

… Yes, no more, really, no more!It was a wonderful view.

There were clouds on this day, but the horizon was clear and we were able to see the outline of the sun until the last moment.Rather, i think that the sky in the sky was dyed red, and it became a mysterious scenery.

When the sun goes down completely, people gradually return, but there's still a great chance to shoot until the next train arrives.

It is likely to make anything a lover's holy place.

The color of the sky is the most beautiful just after the sun sets.The gradation is very beautiful!

Before long, a regular train bound for Matsuyama came from the darkness.

It is also a farewell to Shimonada Station.

To Matsuyama Station

We arrived at Matsuyama Station in about an hour after being shaken by a train on the Yosan Line.

Matsuyama city where trams are developed.

A short walk to Matsuyama Station, take the orange-colored Iyotetsu Takahama Line to the guest house where you will be staying today.

Get off at Mitsu Station.The moon was beautiful when I looked up at the sky.

It is a 5-minute walk from the station and arrives at Guest House Sun City.

For 2,900 yen per night, you can stay in a small but neat private room!For more information, see the next article.


Well, i'm really glad it's sunny!I think there are few stations where you can see such a beautiful sunset.When you travel around Shikoku, you should definitely go there.

By all means by train at that time!For the average person, it may be tough to have one or two diamonds per hour, but from my point of view of 18, access is insanely good.Because the station is a destination.It's better than a few stations a day, really.

I mean, rather, the charm of the way to go, but I think there is an emotion that can not be said indescribable to be shaken by the train single-mindedly where there is nothing, but there is no one who understands.

Well leave this much because there is no other way to talk about the charm of the train trip in such a place.Lol

Oh, by the way, I visited Shimonada Station in the middle of August, just before Obon.When the season changes, the position where the sun sets changes, so please be careful about that.

In the next article, I introduce matsuyama city.Please look forward to!