Run through the sea and mountains!I want to go by drive to the scenic spot of Yamaguchi.

Thank you, Itinu.This time, I will introduce the sightseeing spots of Yamaguchi Prefecture, the westernmost part of Honshu!

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, yamaguchi's wilderness is just the right place to drive.There are a lot of great views that can be aimed at insta-shine, too.This blog is actually a train travel blog, but i gave up early to go around the wonderful view of nature that is often in a secluded place by rail (sweat)

So, i'd like to introduce the recommended spots while actually following the route of two days per night that I've been driving!


Start from Hagi

This drive started from Hagi, where the history of the end of the Edo period is fragrant.I rented a car at the "Times Car Rental" Hagi store.It's fun because in the city area of Hagi, people come to the station and accommodation to pick up and drop off.

The first place to visit in Hagi is Shoin Shrine, where Yoshida Shoin is enshrined.Matsushita-mura Juku, which opened yoshida shoin and produced many great people at the end of the Edo period, such as Shinsaku Takasugi and Hirofumi Ito, is also located in the precincts of Shoin Shrine.

In the castle town area of Hagi jo, there are splendid old private houses surrounded by hedges and stone walls, and you can enjoy walking along the old streets like the eyes of the go board.It's good to walk around and feel the history and shop at a grocery store.

From winter to spring, summer mandarin oranges are the best time to see them.What is summer?The scenery where the vivid summer mandarin oranges grow all over the town is one of hagi's traditions.


Coast Drive

On the first day, drive along the coast!The Sea of Japan in Yamaguchi is very clear and clean water, and it is very pleasant to drive while being blown by the sea breeze.

Motonosumi Shrine

The first place I visited was Motonosumi Shrine, which has been very popular with foreigners in recent years.In the blue sky and the sea, the scenery where a bright red torii is continuous is truly spectacular!

Another attraction of this place is the cliffs that approach the sea.There are no fences or railings, so if you slip your feet, you'll get the thrill of the end of the first volume.(Be really careful!)

It's like a stone by a person with this magnificent sense of scale.A strong wind blows to this cliff, and the splash of the sea has blown up to such a place on the cliff.

This splash is called the tidal of Ryugu, and it is likely to blow up more than 30m when it is high.It was a terrible power when approaching certainly.


Next, I visited Kakushima Ohashi Bridge, which is very popular as an Insta-shine spot.The sea of cobalt blue on one side is really beautiful!There is a viewing space with parking in front of the bridge, so you can see the best views.

Please try to land not only the Kadojima Ohashi Bridge but also the corner island by all means.The calm scenery that the time passes leisurely spreads out.From The Corner Island Lighthouse at the western end, you can see the corner island!

The sandy beach across from the road station in the middle of the island offers close up-and-coming seas of cobalt blue.


Take the west coast of the national highway south at once to Shimoseki, the westernmost part of Honshu.It was the gateway to Kyushu and the Seto Inland Sea, and flourished as a transportation hub.It is the atmosphere of the city comparatively different from the scenery of the country up to now in front of Shimonoseki Station of JR.There are also a variety of tourist attractions in Shimonoseki!

This is the entrance of the Barrier Tunnel humanitarian on Route 2, which connects Honshu and Kyushu.What, you can walk across the Kanmon Strait!

Take the elevator down to the underground tunnel and take about 15 minutes to the other side.There is also the border between Yamaguchi and Fukuoka prefectures right in the middle.Shimonoseki is almost Kyushu already.

And speaking of Shimonoseki, fugu is super famous.You can shop and dine at Karado Market or at Camon Wharf next door, starting with fugu and eating fresh seafood from Shimonoseki!

Camon Wharf- Karato-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Karato Market Yoko Kaikaikan)

I really wanted to eat a transparent puffer sashimi on a big plate like fireworks, but I don't have that kind of economic power.It was "Fukutaki don" to be able to enjoy the fugu comparatively reasonablely.I'm happy just to eat fugu!

We went up to this tower at the end.The top floor of this tower, called The Strait Yume Tower, is an observation deck 143 meters high above the ground.No, it's too much.

Because there is not the one to block it in the circumference only by this, the view from the observatory is distinguished.If you look at the western sky dyed in the sunset, you can already see Kyushu in the back.

It is also great to see the night view of the Kanmon Strait when the sun goes down.A huge suspension bridge across the strait is the barrier bridge of the expressway.Just below it is the place where Genji fought the Battle of Dannoura, where Hei had destroyed him.

Stay at Ichimata Onsen

We returned to Kadoshima a little, but at night we went to a hot spring inn in the depths of the mountains.

I was a little scared to drive on the road at night, but I think it was a good driving practice.And, it arrived at a small hot spring groundcalled One Mata Hot Spring.The large open-air bath is the best!The quality of the spring was so fragile that it looked like lotion.

The hotel was very clean and comfortable.The morning bath was also pleasant.

This one Mata Onsen is not well known to the general public, but it is not bad for a small hot spring resort in the depths of such a mountain that can only be come by drive.I can recommend it with confidence!

Around Akiyoshidai

On the second day, we will aim for The Karst Terrain, japan's largest, and Akiyoshidai!It's nice to drive freely in a vast area.

Beppu Bentenike

First, we went to Beppu Bentenike, a little on the west side of Akiyoshidai.The pond is always equipped with groundwater, and it is certified as "100 best waters in Japan".By rich in calcium derived from karst terrain, the water in the pond is dyed in beautiful blue and very mysterious!

The spring water here can actually be drunk.There was a space with a faucet right next to the pond, and a local person was drawing water into the bottle.


When I parked my car in the parking lot at the foot of Akiyoshidai, i saw a road like a deserted shopping street.In fact, there is one of the largest caves in Japan,Akiyoshi-dong!… Really?Let's move forward though it doubts.

After about five minutes of walking, I finally saw the entrance.You pay 1200 yen for admission here.It feels a little expensive, but it's worth it!

When you go through the entrance, nature suddenly appears.The entrance of the cave where the sense of adventure is tickled with the water flowing.You can't crawl in the water, so you walk down a passage that you've made by force on the river.

The inside of the cave is an incredible large space!I'm just overwhelmed by the scales.

It is still unbelievable that it was formed only by the power of nature is a malformation called "100 pieces plate".It's strange that the terrain that has been built for tens of thousands of years is here now.

In addition, it is Akiyoshi-dong that the rock which does not understand such a reason grows.


Well, finally, it came to Akiyoshidai, the largest karst plateau in Japan.From the Karst Observatory, located almost above Akiyoshi-dong, you can see the endless karst terrain!Maybe it's not what I thought.I mean, one side of the grave…??

It seems to be doing the mountain grilling in Akiyoshidai around February every year.The dense forest was cut off neatly on the way, and the withered field which burnt out was a sad sight somewhere.

It's a great way to drive down Karst Road, the way through akiyoshidai.It is recommended because it makes you feel like you are appearing in a commercial of the car.I visited in March, so it was a dead field, but I'd like to come again in the green season.

Return ed at Shin-Yamaguchi Station

The drive trip ends by returning it to the Times car rental in front of Shin-Yamaguchi Station.We used a system called "drop-off", where the stores we rent and return are different.It depends on the car rental company, but in the case of The Times, in the case of Hagi → Shin-Yamaguchi, i was able to drop off at no extra charge.Thank you for two days.

Jr Shin-Yamaguchi Station is also a sanyo shinkansen station, and some "Nozomi" stops, so it is very convenient to make it a base for sightseeing.From here, you can aim for the next destination, and you can also go home.

I went to Hiroshima on the Sanyo Main Line.The sunset in the car window is beautiful!


Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Yamaguchi was so beautiful and i was able to have a very happy time.It is perfect when you want to be tired of city life and be healed by nature.

The only thing to be careful about is that there are times when the roads and parking lots are quite narrow.Motonosumi Shrine had a narrow road and parking lot, and there was a small traffic jam.Moreover, even if national route 491 looks like a thick road when it is a map, it is a terrible road that one car can barely pass in fact.If you are going north from Shimonoseki, you should never pass.

If you don't usually drive like me, be especially careful, and enjoy driving safely.